Wildlife Resources

Given the good location and varying types of high-quality habitat, Clifton Bend is a special place for an outdoorsman. It truly offers premium hunting and fishing recreation year-round. This area of Tennessee is known to have impressive genes for whitetail, and when combined with the food sources, habitat, and privacy, Clifton Bend is a really unique property to hunt. You have all of these interesting pockets, edge, and neat vantage points that help create those fun experiences hunters look for while in the woods. Turkeys gobble on spring mornings from one end of the property to the other. Any seasoned turkey hunter that steps foot on Clifton Bend will recognize quickly this is the type of place that is littered with birds. Being on the Tennessee River, Clifton Bend is naturally in a waterfowl migration corridor and the 100+ acre cypress lake attracts ducks. There are a number of low-lying spots in the agriculture fields that could easily be managed as plant and flood impoundments as well. The infrastructure with food plots, roads and box blinds is excellent, and there are numerous places to plant dove fields. The fishing on cypress lake is distinctive. You can fish for hours and feel like you’re constantly peaking around a new and interesting corner. To sum it up, the hunting and fishing on Clifton Bend never gets old and it always feels fresh and intriguing.