Why The Wings Group

There is always something that sets great companies apart from good companies. It’s understanding that what you’re selling—in our case, land—is more than just a product. It’s greater than the sum of its parts. It’s an experience, a lifestyle, a place for making memories.

In a world where relationships have gone digital, our clients will tell you that we are accessible and authentic. We know that the natural world that surrounds us is something to be revered and taken care of. If there is one achievement we’re most proud of as a company, it’s pairing land with people who desire to leave a legacy of good stewardship.

It’s been our privilege to represent some of the most rare and outstanding properties across the southeast.

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Elliott Davenport, Jr

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Dedicated to Land and Landowners

Elliott Davenport, Jr. owns and operates The Wings Group, the exclusive southeastern affiliate of Hall & Hall, a company who routinely ranks among the top land brokerages in the country. When the partners of Hall & Hall looked to expand to the southeast at the urging of clients, Elliott was their guy. A testament to this southerner’s work ethic, collaborative spirit, knowledge, and love of the land.

The strategic partnership debuted in 2012 and has since provided southern land buyers and sellers access to a valuable marketing platform and an unrivaled set of skills.

Some of the early outdoor experiences that shaped Elliott the most came from spending time with his family in a dove field on his great-grandfather’s land in north Georgia; land that is still in the family. Elliott’s love of bird hunting fuels a passion for land management designed to promote better habitat and recreational opportunities, while his BA in Finance from the University of Georgia supports the knowledge of real estate values and investment analysis that clients depend on.

Notable recent sales include the 9,501 acre Sunny Hill, 4,368 acre Pine Haven, 4,563 acre Loveridge and 1,913 acre Twin Oaks in the Red Hills Region of  Thomasville/Tallahassee; 7,235 acre Blue Springs and the 8,376 acre Abigail in Albany, GA; 1,630 acre Airy Hall, 1,000 acre Chicora Wood, and 914 acre Weymouth in coastal South Carolina; 1,444 acre Fork Farm in central North Carolina; 1,727 acre Wildflower Woods in Franklin, TN; 2,558 acre Meadow Creek’s, 2,159 acre Round Cove, and the 840 acre Bennett’s Cove on the Cumberland Plateau in both Tennessee and Alabama; and several mountainside gentleman’s farms near Chickamauga, GA.

Elliott has a genuine desire to serve the land and those who share his love of these special places. An ethic of authenticity, backed by knowledge, is the foundation of The Wings Group’s success. Elliott, his wife, Rebecca, and their daughter, Ellie, live in Chattanooga, TN. Elliott is a self-proclaimed “land nut” and holds real estate licenses in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Meet Elliott

Alex Webel

Land Broker


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Dedicated to Land and Landowners

Alex joined The Wings Group to open their office in Virginia to expand their affiliation with Hall and Hall in the Eastern US. A native of the Northeast, Alex grew up spending summers in Idaho and on his grandparents’ ranch in Montana, which sparked a lifelong passion for land and the conservation of rural and wild places.

​Prior to joining The Wings Group, Alex spent eight years in farm and land management, where he worked with many of the leading farms and sporting properties in Central Virginia. His time in land management gave him a keen understanding of Virginia’s landscapes and the complexities and rewards of land ownership and stewardship. As a result, the transition to full time land brokerage was a natural one, and he brings with him an intuitive ability to connect people with the right land.

Alex lives with his wife, Bliss, and their daughter, Nellie, in Charlottesville, VA. He is an avid fly fisherman, skier, and outdoorsman who enjoys spending as much time as possible outside, whether it’s in the Blue Ridge of Virginia or wide expanses of the West. Alex is the principal broker for The Wings Group in Virginia.

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Client Testimonials

John Sibley, Seller

“Elliott was a delight to work with and always diligent and professional. I particularly liked how he stays the course through the inevitable twists and turns of a land transaction. He has a gift for getting the difficult deal across the finish line.”

Sibley Farm

Witt Stephens, Buyer

“I had been looking for the right property for several years and Elliott's insight into the quail plantation market and his ability to think strategically was instrumental in helping me find our new place. Elliott was helpful on all technical aspects of contracting and due diligence. His post closing help with hiring and contractors made the process much easier as well.”

Blue Springs
Twin Oaks00102

Gil Schafer III, Seller

“Having spent the last 18 months immersed in the process of (successfully) selling a large family sporting property, I can’t imagine going through it without Elliott Davenport. His incredible knowledge of the market, deep understanding of and appreciation for our land, thoughtful and resourceful guidance throughout the process, tenacious attention to detail, and his collaborative approach with our on-site land management staff was nothing short of invaluable. He came to us highly recommended by fellow landowner friends, and now it is easy to see why. I and my family would not hesitate to recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone.”

Twin Oaks

Mike McIntyre, Seller

“Positioning a high-end luxury farm in the market to maximize seller value requires a special set of skills along with a true understanding of the audience. Having a national presence and the knowledge of how to market into that audience is key to executing a successful transaction. Elliott Davenport of Hall & Hall and his team of seasoned professionals are uniquely qualified to deliver these results. They exceeded our expectations! We could not be more thrilled with their performance.”

Tolemac Farm

John Gottwald, Buyer

“For several years, I have been visiting the Red Hills as a club member and a lessee on two wonderful places while considering a purchase in the area. Elliott Davenport provided invaluable guidance over those years. His knowledge of the area, market, people and subtleties that differentiate each opportunity were invaluable to me. Most unusual perhaps was his patience and blunt honesty. Real estate people tend to be motivated to secure transactions…turnover. Elliott was very patient and steered me away from mistakes, mistakes that I would have greatly regretted, but he would have benefited from significantly. He genuinely has his client’s best interest in mind. Rare these days, but surely the foundation for a great career.”

Sunny Hill

John Dicken, Buyer

“I got to know Elliott Davenport several years ago when he helped me with some wildlife management plans on my farms in west Tennessee and ever since I have considered him a friend. Recently, I was involved with Elliott in a transaction where my partner and I purchased a really interesting duck hunting property that he knew about off market. I can say without hesitation Elliott is by far the most professional and knowledgeable person I have ever dealt with regarding agricultural or recreational property. He provided everything we required during the pre-purchase phase and more importantly he has been extremely helpful after the purchase. I highly recommend Elliott and The Wings Group.”

Hart Farm

Howard Love, Seller

“Having been in our family for 70 years, selling Loveridge was a big decision for our family and we needed the right person to walk us through this process. Elliott Davenport has exceeded our expectations and represented our family very well through this sale. His depth of knowledge for the Red Hills, his critical thinking, intimate understanding of the market, and honest approach has made this process very pleasant and rewarding for us. Simply, he gets it and that has served us very well.”