Recreational Considerations

CSF offers an abundance of opportunity for recreational activities and the property accommodates a variety of interests from horseback riding to hunting to fishing to hiking to mountain biking and the list goes on.CSF is a great property for an equestrian. Being a working cattle farm for years, there are structures and fencing in place to accommodate livestock. With 200 acres of open fields and pastures that are dotted with watering ponds, the farm offers an ample amount of grazing for any equestrian facility. With neighboring access to Pigeon Mountain WMA, one could saddle up a horse and go on an all day trail ride leaving right from their own barn. Endless trail riding opportunities are in close proximity, and the general area has a devoted horse community.In addition, CSF has an impressive amount of wildlife. Deer and turkey are abundant and successful trips to the woods are frequent. The property has the perfect balance of open land and hardwood forests that create the edge and habitat that attracts wildlife. There is a great location for a dove field and there is also an area in which a duck impoundment could possibly be developed. Again, CSF’s location to Pigeon Mountain WMA adds considerably to the hunting potential. Pigeon Mountain is a tremendous wildlife corridor and will remain this way in perpetuity. The wildlife that inhabit the WMA flock to the open spaces on CSF, and well-managed food plots would yield bountiful results. The farm has had very little to no hunting pressure over the years and thus has served as a sanctuary in many ways to the local wildlife.There are two 1-acre ponds and a one 4-acre lake that offer fishing and other water activities. One of the ponds is tucked in the foothills of Pigeon Mountain and is fed by a mountain spring, which offers the ideal summertime swimming hole and picnic spot.