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Timber Resources

Avalon Timberlands primarily consist of loblolly pine plantations with a marginal amount of slash pine present. Of the total 8,765 acres, 22% is in pre-merchantable pine and 79% of this pre-merchantable pine consists of superior containerized seedlings. More specifically, these seedlings were produced via Mass Control Pollination (MCP) process. Each MCP family is created by applying the pollen of the highest performing father trees to the flowers of the best mother trees on a large scale. Unlike open pollinated families in traditional orchards, by controlling both the mother and father in these crosses, each seedling family is a unique hybrid combination. Generally, these plantations have higher seedlings costs but exhibit superior growth characteristics as compared to typical pine seedlings (open source pollination).


19% of the property is in merchantable pine plantations, which is almost exclusively in 30-year-old loblolly stands giving the opportunity to harvest ~100,000 tons of sawtimber in the very immediate future.


Utilizing current cruise data provided by a very reputable forester with a lot of history on the property, Avalon Timberlands has a strong site index on its pine plantation stands that exhibit a range of approximately 75 to 80 feet (base age 25), which is above average for the region.


53.8% of Avalon Timberlands is comprised of nonconvertible natural hardwoods that have not been touched since before 1970. Most of the hardwood areas are predominantly mixed hardwood bottoms that tend not to be suitable for intensive management. However, most hardwood areas have been subject to custodial-type management with opportunistic harvesting available as weather and logging conditions permit.

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