Recreational Considerations

Wildflower Woods’ main appeal is its recreational value. Wildflower Woods is teeming with a variety of activities suitable for any age. Whether it’s chasing turkeys at sunrise, taking a dip in the lake, or hiking the miles of trails, Wildflower Woods has entertainment for all interests. 

Water always offers an assortment of recreational activities, and Wildflower Wood’s 12± acre lake is one of the more substantial private bodies of water in the area. Tucked into the foothills of the property, the lake is the centerpiece of Wildflower Woods.  Summer dips, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing can all be made part of the daily routine. A dock sits on the shore of the lake near the main driveway making boat access convenient. At different locations, there are two other small docks or pads providing connectivity with the lake. Osprey, geese, ducks and other wildlife frequent the lake regularly and provide for some great spectating opportunities.

Wildflower Woods is well arranged to support the equestrian enthusiast. There are existing pastures and little work would need to be done in order to move in your four-legged friends. Most notably is an owner’s ability to saddle up a horse and take a ride through the wilderness on the extensive trail system that meanders through the property. Many areas on the farm can be expanded upon and utilized for horses.

For the sportsman, Wildflower Woods offers a host of hunting and fishing opportunities and plenty of land to manage a quality wildlife program. The property is absolutely brimming with turkeys and they can be found at all corners of the property.  The turkey habitat is ideal and strutting gobblers are a daily sight during the spring months. The mature oak forests provide great mass crops and gorgeous settings for hunting. The deer populations are strong. Given the large landscape, the deer herd has plenty of safe havens and areas to be reclusive and relaxed. A number of small and large food plots are well maintained throughout the property and offer highly trafficked locales for the resident wildlife. Comfortable box stands are on most of these food plots and there are countless areas to hang deer stands from which one can spend a morning soaking in a sunrise. Successful trips to the woods are a regular occurrence.

As mentioned above, there are miles and miles of well-maintained trails that ramble on throughout the property. Hiking, mountain biking, jogging and ATV-use can be done for hours upon hours. Camping, picnics, and roasting s’mores can occur at a number of scenic locations. Simply put, daylong adventures or short excursions into the outdoors can be conveniently woven into the fabric of a family’s daily routine.