Sunny Hill 1007

Sunny Hill

Leon County, FL

Sunny Hill

Leon County, FL

  • 9,501± Acres
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Sunny Hill is located in northeastern Tallahassee, Florida just south of Thomasville, Georgia, in the very core of the Red Hills  plantation belt. For over 110 years these lands have been managed for wild quail, just as they are on neighboring Foshalee, Cherokee, Wildwood, Beechwood, Loveridge, and Norias plantations (some of which were at one time part of a larger Sunny Hill).

Past owners of Sunny Hill have been pioneers of the area and truly have left an indelible impact on the Red Hills region. As Tall Timbers put it after a portion of the plantation was placed under a conservation easement, Sunny Hill is a “shining example” of how a plantation should be managed for optimal quail habitat, a statement supported by the fact that they documented a record-breaking bobwhite density on Sunny Hill.

Client Testimonial

John Gottwald, Buyer

“For several years, I have been visiting the Red Hills as a club member and a lessee on two wonderful places while considering a purchase in the area. Elliott Davenport provided invaluable guidance over those years. His knowledge of the area, market, people and subtleties that differentiate each opportunity were invaluable to me. Most unusual perhaps was his patience and blunt honesty. Real estate people tend to be motivated to secure transactions…turnover. Elliott was very patient and steered me away from mistakes, mistakes that I would have greatly regretted, but he would have benefited from significantly. He genuinely has his client’s best interest in mind. Rare these days, but surely the foundation for a great career.”

Sunny Hill

Broker’s Comment

“In reflection of my involvement with Sunny Hill over the years, I am, in one word, grateful.

Grateful to have worked on such an amazing landscape. Grateful for the vision of McKenzie to have assembled (through 18 transactions!) such a key property to the Red Hills. Grateful to McKenzie’s predecessors—Colonel Thompson, Teagle, and Edge—for lighting the torch. Grateful for the incredible quail hunts I enjoyed there. Grateful to the Sunny Hill crew for their meticulous care of the property. Grateful for all parties involved entrusting me to work with them on this transition. Grateful for the new owners and their passion for special landscapes. Grateful to Tall Timbers and ALL those that make the Red Hills a landscape unto itself.

There’s not much else for me to say other than thank you to all of those involved!”

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