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Mud Creek Farm

Fackler, AL

Mud Creek Farm

Fackler, AL

  • 290± Acres
  • $1,000,000 (list price)
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Mud Creek Farm is 290± acres located in northeast Alabama. This farm offers a lot of quality hunting and fishing opportunities – way more than its size would suggest. The water resources on the farm are excellent. Mud Creek, a major tributary to the Tennessee River, flows through the center of the property for nearly a mile. In addition, there is a 14-acre trophy bass lake that is fed by a natural spring. The construction of this lake was done with the fisherman in mind and includes 1.25 miles of shoreline. The waterfowl hunting potential is promising and sections of the property are ideal for developing a few impoundments. In the past, the current owner has had success in attracting solid numbers of ducks with little effort. The turkey, deer and dove hunting are all good on this farm as well.

Structurally, there is a small house and a couple of barns that support the use and operations of the farm. At the moment, the owner is running a small herd of cattle, so the farm is well fenced and cross-fenced. A five-acre and potentially valuable walnut grove exists on the northeast corner of the property as well. Mud Creek Farm is situated near the head of a gorgeous and private cove that is surrounded by Crow Mountain. There are scenic vistas throughout this property. The farm is between Stevenson and Scottsboro and only 50 minutes from Huntsville, 1 hour from Chattanooga, 2 hours from Birmingham, 2 hours from Nashville and 2.5 hours from Atlanta.

Broker’s Comment

“As a year-round outdoorsman, I love properties with diversity. From a hunting and fishing standpoint, Mud Creek Farm delivers on this in a big way and the property will keep an owner engaged throughout the seasons.  Tucked into a private cove, the scenery and intimacy are ideal, and these are traits that all landowners covet in a location. Another wonderful feature are the water resources – springs, creeks, lakes and ponds all exist on the property!”

Overview & Facts

  • 290± acre farm of lush green pastures, multiple water resources, and mature forests.
  • 13-acre trophy bass lake fed by natural spring.
  • Located in the northeast corner of Alabama between Stevenson and Scottsboro.
  • 50 minutes from Huntsville, AL, 1 hour from Chattanooga, TN, 2 hours from Nashville, TN, 2 hours from Birmingham, AL.
  • 15-year-old, 750-tree Walnut grove located on the property.
  • 1,105 square foot house on the property.

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Mud Creek Farm is located in Jackson County, Alabama between Stevenson and Scottsboro in the northeast corner of the state. The farm’s address is Fackler, AL, but the property actually rests about eight miles west of Fackler near the head of a cove that is surrounded by Crow Mountain. It is 12 miles to Scottsboro and 19 miles to Stevenson.

To get to the farm, you turn north off Highway 72 onto County Road 33 near Hollywood, AL. You travel on CR 33 for 8 miles and before you start going up Crow Mountain, you turn left onto CR 111. From here the farm is only two miles and is located in a ninety-degree bend of the road. CR 111 dead-ends another two miles up the road at the head of the cove. CR 111 is a lightly traveled country road that provides the ideal approach to your retreat.

Mud Creek Farm is centrally located providing convenient access to several larger urban areas that include:

Huntsville, AL = 50 minutes             Nashville, TN = 2 hours
Chattanooga, TN = 1 hour             Atlanta, GA = 2.5 hours
Birmingham, AL = 2 hours


One important element of Mud Creek Farm worth understanding is its location relative to a few other key places. First of all, the farm gets its name because Mud Creek flows through the center of the property for nearly a mile and the headwaters of Mud Creek are less than two miles northwest of the farm.

As the creek leaves the southeast corner of the property, it winds itself through a huge agrarian landscape until it dumps into the Tennessee River. Mud Creek is considered to be a major tributary of the Tennessee River. As the crow flies this confluence is only ten miles away, and only six miles from the farm the creek turns into big water. Mud Creek has served as a major flyway for ducks in northeast Alabama for decades. It’s hard to explain with certainty why this is, but the historical patterns cannot be denied.

  • 5 miles from Mud Creek Waterfowl Project & Management Area (8,003 acres)

  • 10 miles from Crow Creek Refuge (5,415 acres)

  • 11 miles from North Sauty Refuge (5,009 acres)

For the reasons stated above, it is our belief that Mud Creek Farm has a compelling amount of unrealized waterfowl potential. Sections of the property are ideal for creating flooded duck impoundments and good numbers of birds have been observed on the property over the years.

Skyline WMA: In short distances surrounding the farm, one will find multiple access points to Skyline WMA, which is one of Alabama’s largest state-owned resources. With the help of several conservation-oriented groups, Alabama has been able to grow Skyline to include more than 60,000 acres! The recreational opportunities abound with notable features like Jacob’s Mountain and The Walls of Jericho.

Guntersville Lake: Stretching from the Tennessee River’s Nickajack Dam to Guntersville Dam, Guntersville Lake is Alabama’s largest lake at 69,000 acres. It is a renowned fishery and is considered to be some of the best bass fishing in the southeast. Guntersville Lake is only ten miles from Mud Creek Farm.

Tumbling Rock Cave: Just a couple of miles from the farm’s gate is a really neat geologic feature, Tumbling Rock Cave. On a hot summer day, you can walk to the entrance of this cave and literally feel the cool 60-degree air blowing on you. It’s a neat phenomenon!


Lying within the United States’ humid subtropical zone, the area offers a mild, pleasant climate and four distinct seasons.  Spring arrives in March with mild days and cool nights, and by late May temperatures have warmed up considerably to herald warm summer days. On average, July is the warmest month of the year. The summer months tend to receive more precipitation than other times of the year, and the area has an average annual rainfall of 53 inches. Fall is marked by mild to warm days and cooler nights. Winter is usually mild, with the coldest days featuring lows near or slightly above freezing and highs in the upper 40s to mid-50s. Snow occurs sporadically, with an average annual accumulation of approximately 5 inches.


There are a few structural improvements located in a small area near the entrance of the farm. They include the following:

House:  There is a small 1,105 square foot house located at the main entrance that was built in 1944 and refurbished in 2000. It is old, but very functional and serves as the perfect little hunting cabin. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. It also has a front porch and patio in the back with a fire pit overlooking a nice section of the farm.

Barns & Sheds: Just around the corner from the house is a small collection of barns and sheds utilized for equipment storage and general farm work. Built in 2003, one barn includes three equipment bays, a workshop and lean-to covered area for more equipment storage. There are two old wooden barns that are small in size and used for storage. In 2013, a new pole shed with a tin roof was constructed to provide more storage for equipment, boats, etc.

Other Structures: There is small boathouse on the lake capable of storing one fishing boat. Also, there is a very new cattle corral set up with head chute.

Additional Information

One very unique feature of the farm is that there is a well cared for Walnut Grove on its northeastern corner. Planted in the winter of 2000, these trees are a variety called Purdue #1 Hybrids and are suppose to give three 10’ veneer grade saw logs per tree instead of a standard single log. Purdue University estimated that the value per acre of these trees would be $1M per acre at maturity. There are 5 acres planted totaling 738 trees on a 15’x20’ grid. Maturity is forecast to be in 30-40 years from planting, which would mean harvesting would occur in 2030-2040.

Currently, there is a small and viable cattle operation being run on the farm. The property is well fenced and cross-fenced and includes a new corral and head shoot.

Aesthetic Considerations

Being near the head of a cove that is surrounded by the tail end of the Cumberland Plateau, MCF truly is a very scenic property. There are vistas from several places on this farm that allow you to look over the valley with the opposing mountains serving as the backdrop. It is the ideal country setting for this part of the southeast.

Wildlife Resources

The wildlife and associated opportunities at Mud Creek Farm are some of its most attractive elements. The terrain allows for a wide variety of quality hunting experiences.

Turkey & Deer: As is typical for this general area, the turkey and deer populations are strong. Crow Mountain serves as an incredible safe haven for these animals and they flock to the open fields and food plots in the valley. The southern portion of this farm is particularly secluded and creates a nice refuge for the turkey and deer. In 2001 the current owner planted a number of assorted trees in strategic locations for the wildlife, such as sawtooth oaks, water oaks, gobbler oaks and chestnuts. There are four shooting houses, one tripod and several double and single stands all located in key locations.

Ducks: As discussed in more detail in the “Locale” section, Mud Creek has historically been a heavily traveled micro-flyway for the waterfowl that winter in the Stevenson and Scottsboro area. The current owner has done just a few basic things for the waterfowl on occasion with the results being rather encouraging, but he has never chosen to develop it to its full potential. The terrain complements the development of some duck impoundments very well and it would require little effort and expense to get this going. There are three distinct locations that are flat and well suited to be developed. Water is not an issue as the property has ample resources in this department. Read the “Locale” section to get a better understanding of Mud Creek Farm’s duck-hunting potential.

Dove: Right outside the backdoor of the cabin is the perfect location for a dove field, which could be up to 20 acres in size. It has a modest amount of roll and is on some of the farm’s higher valley ground. There are two cattle ponds in this field that would allow for great watering holes for retrievers to cool off on a hot September day. With proper management, this location has significant dove hunting potential.

Fishing: The centerpiece of the property is a well-designed fourteen-acre lake.  The lake is an intensely managed bass fishery overseen by Southeastern Pond Management. It has been pristinely cared for and the quality of fishing is reflective of the time and effort spent keeping the lake in top form. The lake’s perimeter was cored 6 feet deep and compacted to keep it from seeping. The lake was designed to maximize habitat and fishing opportunities. The bottom is sculpted with topo features, concrete pipes, cemented in trees, ditches, brush piles and it boasts 1.25 miles of fishable shoreline. 10-lb bass are caught with regularity!

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