Clifton Bend 1004

Clifton Bend

Decatur County, TN

Clifton Bend

Decatur County, TN

  • 1,232± Acres
  • $4,600,000 (list price)
  • Sold

Located on the bank of the Tennessee River in Decatur County, Clifton Bend is a richly diverse landscape consisting of 1,232± acres. With 415± acres of fertile farmland generating $52,000± of annual income, this property provides an attractive mix of recreational and income-producing lands. The water resources are astounding with a 100+ acre natural cypress lake and 2+ miles of Tennessee River frontage. The topography is equally as interesting with the impressive geological limestone bluff that provides huge views from the back porch of the lodge. Built in 2018, the lodge is 1,600± square feet constructed of locally sourced wood products.

The northern half of Clifton Bend is rolling mixed hardwood forests with scattered food plots and hayfields throughout. With the abundance of edge, food, water, habitat, and privacy that allow wildlife to thrive, it’s no secret that Clifton Bend is a phenomenal recreational hunting property in all of the outdoor seasons. Clifton Bend is located only two hours from Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL and it’s a short 10-minute drive to the small community of Clifton, TN.

Broker’s Comment

“Clifton Bend is a dynamic property. That may sound generic and vague, but let me explain. People always say they want fertile land with character and views. Those things usually contradict one another, but at Clifton Bend you have hundreds of acres of fertile alluvial soils along the Tennessee River and then it transitions into rolling hill topography that creates all of these interesting nooks and crannies of which parts have sweeping views. Land buyers also always want good water resources – either a lake or live water. Well, Clifton Bend has both and I’m not talking about a little farm pond and a creek. A 100+ acre natural lake is super uncommon and then add on over two miles of Tennessee River frontage that creates an impenetrable boundary and you have water resources that are unrivaled. When you add great wildlife, a newly build cabin, and only a couple hours from cities like Nashville and Huntsville, it quickly jumps out as an incomparable piece of land.”

Overview & Facts

  • 1,232± acres of a uniquely diverse landscape
  • 2+ miles of Tennessee River frontage
  • 415± acres of income producing farmland ($52,000±) with rich alluvial soils
  • 100+ acre natural cypress lake teeming with critters, wildlife and fish
  • Incredible views from the 1,600± square foot cabin recently built in 2018 and constructed of locally sourced wood products
  • Buried power and paved driveway to the lodge
  • Sensational hunting and fishing resources in all seasons of the year
  • Transitions from rich flat farmland to gently rolling hardwood forests with food plots
  • 2 hours from Nashville and Huntsville, 1 hour to Jackson, 2.5 hours to Memphis, and
  • 10 minutes to the small town of Clifton

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Property Details

Recreation & Wildlife

Given the good location and varying types of high-quality habitat, Clifton Bend is a special place for an outdoorsman. It truly offers premium hunting and fishing recreation year-round. This area of Tennessee is known to have impressive genes for whitetail, and when combined with the food sources, habitat, and privacy, Clifton Bend is a really unique property to hunt. You have all of these interesting pockets, edge, and neat vantage points that help create those fun experiences hunters look for while in the woods. Turkeys gobble on spring mornings from one end of the property to the other. Any seasoned turkey hunter that steps foot on Clifton Bend will recognize quickly this is the type of place that is littered with birds.

Being on the Tennessee River, Clifton Bend is naturally in a waterfowl migration corridor and the 100+ acre cypress lake attracts ducks. There are a number of low-lying spots in the agriculture fields that could easily be managed as plant and flood impoundments as well. The infrastructure with food plots, roads and box blinds is excellent, and there are numerous places to plant dove fields. The fishing on cypress lake is distinctive. You can fish for hours and feel like you’re constantly peaking around a new and interesting corner. To sum it up, the hunting and fishing on Clifton Bend never gets old and it always feels fresh and intriguing.


Main House – 1,600± square feet

Newly constructed in 2018, the lodge at Clifton Bend is the perfect complement to the outdoorsman and offers very comfortable accommodations.  Built using locally sourced lumber with much of the wood coming off of the farm itself, the lodge has poplar siding with a warm cedar interior. Simple in design, there is an open living area with a spacious kitchen plus three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of the bedrooms is a bunk-style room with six single beds. There are two covered parking/patio areas on both ends of the lodge. There are great outdoor areas, porches and a fire pit that take advantage of the gorgeous views overlooking the cypress lake, farmland and Tennessee River. The lodge is on a septic tank and well water. Power is buried to the lodge along the half-mile paved driveway.


The property has a red wooden barn used for storing farm and hunting equipment.


Clifton Bend is located in Decatur County, near Clifton, TN, a small town of just under 3,000 people.  The property’s name comes from being tucked into a bend of the Tennessee River just across from Clifton. The property is located off Old Ferry Rd, which is a dead-end road that used to provide access to a river ferry that ceased operation in 1998.

Only five minutes from the property, there is Riverstone Marina, where you could keep a boat for enjoying water activities on the Tennessee River.

The property is conveniently located between a number of major metropolitan areas, making it an easy getaway for any of those cities’ residents.  You could enjoy a morning duck or deer hunt and be back in the office by lunch.

  • 2 hours            Nashville, TN
  • 2.25 hours        Huntsville, AL
  • 2.50 hours        Memphis, TN
  • 1 hour             Jackson, TN
  • 25 minutes       Savannah, TN
  • 10 minutes       Clifton, TN


Lying within the United States’ humid subtropical zone, the area offers a mild, pleasant climate and four distinct seasons.  Spring arrives in March with mild days and cool nights, and by late May, temperatures have warmed up considerably to herald warm summer days.  On average, July is the warmest month of the year, and the area has an average annual rainfall of 52 inches.  Fall is marked by mild to warm days and cooler nights.  Winter is usually mild, with the coldest days featuring lows near or slightly above freezing and highs in the low to mid-50s.  Snow occurs sporadically, with an average annual accumulation of just a few inches.

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