Cedar Springs 1001

Cedar Springs Farm

Chickamauga, GA

Cedar Springs Farm

Chickamauga, GA

  • 575± Acres
  • $2,050,000 (list price)
  • Sold

Cedar Springs Farm lies in one of Georgia’s most scenic areas, McLemore Cove. Tucked in between the lush, forested slopes of northwest Georgia’s Lookout Mountain and Pigeon Mountain, the pastoral valley of McLemore Cove is a prime example of how rural Georgia used to be, and Cedar Springs Farm is one of its most treasured properties. Cedar Springs Farm (CSF) is 575± acres of mixed hardwoods, cedar glades and gently rolling pastureland with numerous vistas that overlook the historical McLemore Cove. Strategically positioned, CSF abuts the state-owned Pigeon Mountain WMA, which is nearly 20,000 acres in size. For this reason CSF feels and acts like a much larger property, providing the owner endless activities to enjoy. CSF is only 35 minutes south of Chattanooga, TN, which boasts itself as the Scenic City, providing the wonderful combination of both the convenience to city amenities and the tranquility of the countryside. The property is also located only 85 miles north of Atlanta, the cultural and entertainment center of the southeast.

Broker’s Comment

“Cedar Springs Farm offers the opportunity to own a farm that hasn’t been on the market for decades, and it is a gem of a property located in one of Georgia’s most scenic and historic coves. We always hear location, location, location and CSF delivers on location. It’s proximity to Chattanooga and Atlanta, the surrounding area, and having Pigeon Mountain WMA as a neighbor offers a tremendous amount of intrinsic value.”

Overview & Facts

  • 575± acres in Chickamauga, northwest Georgia near the head of scenic McLemore Cove at the base of Pigeon Mountain
  • Mixed hardwoods, cedar glades, and gently rolling pastureland with numerous vistas that overlook the historic McLemore Cove, the state's largest rural historic districts
  • Great water resources with a 4-acre spring-fed lake, 1-acre mountain pond, and six watering ponds for livestock
  • Strategically positioned adjacent to the nearly 20,000 acre state-owned Pigeon Mountain WMA
  • Surrounding recreational opportunities are endless and convenient and include Crockford Pigeon Mountain WMA, Cloudland Canyon State Park, Chickamauga Battlefield, and Lula Lake Land Trust
  • Three single-family houses
  • A small gathering cottage
  • Farming operations facilities include two hay or equipment storage barns, two horse barns with stalls, dairy barn, milking barn, equipment repair shed, open equipment shed, concrete storage shed used as freezer storage for grass fed beef raised on the farm, and three large silos
  • Protected by a conservation easement held by the Chattowah Open Land Trust, which is affiliated with the Georgia Land Trust
  • Abundant Deer and Turkey, Great equestrian potential
  • Conveniently located only 35 minutes south of Chattanooga, TN, and 85 miles north of Atlanta

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Property Details

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CSF is situated in the northwestern corner of Georgia near the head of McLemore Cove and at the base of Pigeon Mountain. Here is where the landscape transitions from the Appalachian Mountains to the Valley and Ridge region of Georgia; providing spectacular mountain backdrops. McLemore Cove, a V-shaped valley 15 miles long, is a place of rolling pastures, lush hayfields, tall silos, shady country lanes and arrays of wildflowers. Recognizing that the cove is indeed special, the state and the National Register of Historic Places has declared it the McLemore Cove Historic District. Encompassing 50,000 acres in Walker County, the cove is by far the largest of Georgia’s eight rural historical districts.  With an address of Chickamauga, GA, the property is located only 10 minutes south of this small town. Steeped in history, Chickamauga has always made an aggressive stand to stay local and friendly while fighting the commercial pressures that have gobbled up so many small towns. Referred to by many as “Mayberry”, Chickamauga’s mission statement is “Focusing on Quality Growth, Preservation, and Community Values.” This town oozes reflections of the old days and a simpler way of life.

Notably, the property is only 35 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga has become one of America’s most dynamic middle size cities with an array of exciting venues for nearby residents. New York Times is quoted as saying, “Not too small and not too big, Chattanooga is really the undiscovered gem of Tennessee.” This convenience to all of Chattanooga’s amenities is a real plus to owning CSF.  Only 85 miles to the south is Atlanta, home of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Atlanta is a leading center of cultural and sporting activities, boasting a first-class symphony, museums, theater and professional sports teams that include the Atlanta Braves, Falcons and Hawks.

Driving times:

Chickamauga, GA   10 minutes

Atlanta, GA   1 hour 45 minutes

LaFayette, GA   10 minutes

Nashville, TN   2 hours

Chattanooga, TN   30 minutes

Birmingham, AL   2 hours


A very unique feature of CSF is how well the property is located in relation to so many other interesting venues. The surrounding recreational opportunities are endless and convenient; allowing for the property to act much bigger than it’s 575± acres. Here are just a few of the nearby properties one can enjoy:

Crockford Pigeon Mountain WMA: This 20,000± acre wildlife management area offers an abundant list of activities for one to pursue. Miles and miles of trails offer endless opportunities to horseback ride, mountain bike, and hike. Pigeon Mountain has many limestone formations, which have become a destination among elite rock climbers. Other activities include hunting, fishing, spelunking, and camping. Only 3-miles away by road, The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain is considered to be among the finest areas for wildflowers in Georgia and is home to the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail. Cedar Springs Farm shares a 1.5-mile border with this WMA, which provides immediate access to a plethora of recreational opportunity.

Cloudland Canyon State Park: Located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain, this is one of the most scenic parks in the state of Georgia, offering rugged geology and beautiful vistas. The park straddles a deep gorge cut into the mountain by Sitton’s Gulch Creek, and elevation differs from 800 to 1,980 feet. A day hiking, picnicking, and sightseeing make for a wonderful time. Cedar Springs Farm is only 20 minutes from this 3,500-acre state park.

Chickamauga Battlefield: For history buffs, the Chickamauga Battlefield is the scene of a major battle during the Civil War. The 5,500± acre battlefield contains numerous monuments, historical tablets, and wayside exhibits. However, you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy this National Park as a great network of trails allows for horseback riding, biking, and hiking. The park is also loaded with great picnic spots. It is truly a great spot to enjoy a relaxing, sunny day outside. Cedar Springs Farm is only 20 minutes from the Chickamauga Battlefield.

Lula Lake Land Trust: A shining example of the benefits of conservation. Having protected over 4,000± acres on top of Lookout Mountain, the Lula Lake Land Trust has guaranteed these abundant resources will benefit both current and future generations. Many opportunities to horseback ride, mountain bike, hike, picnic, and just simply enjoy the outdoors are available on the Land Trust. Check out its Cloudland Canyon State Park connector trail! Cedar Springs Farm is only 20 minutes from the Lula Lake Land Trust.


Lying within the United States’ humid subtropical zone, the area offers a mild, pleasant climate and 4 distinct seasons. Spring arrives in March with mild days and cool nights, and by late May, temperatures have warmed up considerably to herald warm summer days. On average, July is the warmest month of the year. The summer months tend to receive more precipitation than other times of the year, and the area has an average annual rainfall of 53 inches. Fall is marked by mild to warm days and cooler nights. Winter is usually mild, with the coldest days featuring lows near or slightly above freezing and highs in the upper 40s to mid 50s. Snow occurs sporadically, with an average annual accumulation of approximately 5 inches.

Aesthetic Considerations

Undeniably, CSF lies within one of Georgia’s most gorgeous coves. It is so special that the area has become the state’s largest rural historic district. The farm itself has a gentle rolling topography that captures the beauty of this landscape with numerous vistas overlooking McLemore Cove. It’s a gorgeous farm in a gorgeous area!

General Details

The property has the following structural improvements:  Three Single-Family Houses: They range in size from 1,500± to 2,400± sq. ft. The two smaller houses front Hog Jowl Road and would be ideal houses for a caretaker or property laborer. The largest of the three houses is located on a hilltop in the center of the property overlooking the farm’s pastures with the surrounding mountains as a backdrop. Some updates and remodeling would likely be desired by a new owner. Currently, all three of these houses are being rented and are producing some nice income for the farm.

· Small Gathering Cottage

· 2 Hay or Equipment Storage Barns

· 2 Horse Barns with Stalls

· Dairy Barn

· Milking Barn: Contains milking stalls and a room with a 2,500-gallon stainless steel milk tank

· Equipment Repair Shed

· Open Equipment Shed

· Concrete Storage Shed: Currently used as freezer storage for grass fed beef raised on the farm

· Three Large Silos


Of the 575± acres, approximately 200± acres are in open fields and pastures. The remaining acreage is in mature hardwood forests and cedar glades.There is a 4-acre spring-fed lake, 1-acre mountain pond, and six watering ponds for livestock.

Deeded Acres: 575±

Total Acres: 575±

Additional Information

CSF is covered by a conservation easement held by the Chattowah Open Land Trust, which is affiliated with the Georgia Land Trust. The purpose of the easements is to protect wildlife habitat, open space, and scenic values, while allowing for continued residential, agricultural, timber, and recreational uses. A conservation easement provides the benefit of a reduction in operating costs, protects the property for future generations, and allows the owner to retain private property rights. Copies of the easements and more details are available from the Broker upon request.


CSF offers an abundance of opportunity for recreational activities and the property accommodates a variety of interests from horseback riding to hunting to fishing to hiking to mountain biking and the list goes on.CSF is a great property for an equestrian. Being a working cattle farm for years, there are structures and fencing in place to accommodate livestock. With 200 acres of open fields and pastures that are dotted with watering ponds, the farm offers an ample amount of grazing for any equestrian facility. With neighboring access to Pigeon Mountain WMA, one could saddle up a horse and go on an all day trail ride leaving right from their own barn. Endless trail riding opportunities are in close proximity, and the general area has a devoted horse community. In addition, CSF has an impressive amount of wildlife. Deer and turkey are abundant and successful trips to the woods are frequent. The property has the perfect balance of open land and hardwood forests that create the edge and habitat that attracts wildlife. There is a great location for a dove field and there is also an area in which a duck impoundment could possibly be developed. Again, CSF’s location to Pigeon Mountain WMA adds considerably to the hunting potential. Pigeon Mountain is a tremendous wildlife corridor and will remain this way in perpetuity. The wildlife that inhabit the WMA flock to the open spaces on CSF, and well-managed food plots would yield bountiful results. The farm has had very little to no hunting pressure over the years and thus has served as a sanctuary in many ways to the local wildlife.There are two 1-acre ponds and a one 4-acre lake that offer fishing and other water activities. One of the ponds is tucked in the foothills of Pigeon Mountain and is fed by a mountain spring, which offers the ideal summertime swimming hole and picnic spot.

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