Wildlife Resources

The wildlife on Oconee Farm is abundant. The land has been managed for many years with an intense focus on wildlife.

Big Game: Deer and turkey are prevalent throughout the property. Given the fact the habitat is managed so well, the deer and turkey populations are higher than typically seen in this area. The upland habitat provides excellent nesting conditions for turkeys as well as great cover for deer. A quality deer management program has been implemented. The landscape is alive with mature mast-producing oaks, and green fields are strategically managed throughout the farm. In addition to 9 ladder stands, there are 11 tower stands that are very comfortable with one featuring satellite TV, so you can watch football and deer all at once! The terrain lends itself to many ideal hunting settings.

Quail: Significant expanses of the farm have been managed for upland habitat and they are able to support a quality quail-hunting program. This habitat offers a number of different settings from thinned pine forests to upland fields. A nice dog kennel is in place.

Fishing: The three-acre lake has been stocked with bass, bream and catfish offering an enjoyable opportunity to wet a line.