Wildlife Resources

The wildlife and associated opportunities at Mud Creek Farm are some of its most attractive elements. The terrain allows for a wide variety of quality hunting experiences.

Turkey & Deer: As is typical for this general area, the turkey and deer populations are strong. Crow Mountain serves as an incredible safe haven for these animals and they flock to the open fields and food plots in the valley. The southern portion of this farm is particularly secluded and creates a nice refuge for the turkey and deer. In 2001 the current owner planted a number of assorted trees in strategic locations for the wildlife, such as sawtooth oaks, water oaks, gobbler oaks and chestnuts. There are four shooting houses, one tripod and several double and single stands all located in key locations.

Ducks: As discussed in more detail in the “Locale” section, Mud Creek has historically been a heavily traveled micro-flyway for the waterfowl that winter in the Stevenson and Scottsboro area. The current owner has done just a few basic things for the waterfowl on occasion with the results being rather encouraging, but he has never chosen to develop it to its full potential. The terrain complements the development of some duck impoundments very well and it would require little effort and expense to get this going. There are three distinct locations that are flat and well suited to be developed. Water is not an issue as the property has ample resources in this department. Read the “Locale” section to get a better understanding of Mud Creek Farm’s duck-hunting potential.

Dove: Right outside the backdoor of the cabin is the perfect location for a dove field, which could be up to 20 acres in size. It has a modest amount of roll and is on some of the farm’s higher valley ground. There are two cattle ponds in this field that would allow for great watering holes for retrievers to cool off on a hot September day. With proper management, this location has significant dove hunting potential.

Fishing: The centerpiece of the property is a well-designed fourteen-acre lake.  The lake is an intensely managed bass fishery overseen by Southeastern Pond Management. It has been pristinely cared for and the quality of fishing is reflective of the time and effort spent keeping the lake in top form. The lake’s perimeter was cored 6 feet deep and compacted to keep it from seeping. The lake was designed to maximize habitat and fishing opportunities. The bottom is sculpted with topo features, concrete pipes, cemented in trees, ditches, brush piles and it boasts 1.25 miles of fishable shoreline. 10-lb bass are caught with regularity!