Property Details


There are a few structural improvements located in a small area near the entrance of the farm. They include the following:

House:  There is a small 1,105 square foot house located at the main entrance that was built in 1944 and refurbished in 2000. It is old, but very functional and serves as the perfect little hunting cabin. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. It also has a front porch and patio in the back with a fire pit overlooking a nice section of the farm.

Barns & Sheds: Just around the corner from the house is a small collection of barns and sheds utilized for equipment storage and general farm work. Built in 2003, one barn includes three equipment bays, a workshop and lean-to covered area for more equipment storage. There are two old wooden barns that are small in size and used for storage. In 2013, a new pole shed with a tin roof was constructed to provide more storage for equipment, boats, etc.

Other Structures: There is small boathouse on the lake capable of storing one fishing boat. Also, there is a very new cattle corral set up with head chute.


Deeded Acres: 290±

Total Acres: 290±

Additional Information

One very unique feature of the farm is that there is a well cared for Walnut Grove on its northeastern corner. Planted in the winter of 2000, these trees are a variety called Purdue #1 Hybrids and are suppose to give three 10’ veneer grade saw logs per tree instead of a standard single log. Purdue University estimated that the value per acre of these trees would be $1M per acre at maturity. There are 5 acres planted totaling 738 trees on a 15’x20’ grid. Maturity is forecast to be in 30-40 years from planting, which would mean harvesting would occur in 2030-2040.

Currently, there is a small and viable cattle operation being run on the farm. The property is well fenced and cross-fenced and includes a new corral and head shoot.