Recreational Considerations

Deer: Meadow Creek has been actively managed for trophy deer for over 15 years. In the opinion of many, it offers some of the finest deer hunting, especially for trophy deer, in the state of Tennessee with numerous bucks seen, photographed or taken each year scoring 150 points or better on the Boone and Crocket scale. In sharing such a large common boundary with Fall Creek Falls State Park, Meadow Creek has the advantage of benefiting from essentially a neighboring 26,000-acre refuge. The deer grow big in this pristine wilderness and they seek the food sources so prevalent on Meadow Creek. Meadow Creek’s landscape is dotted with lots of well-managed food plots that consist of corn, clover, wheat and oats. Fourteen shooting houses, eighteen tripods and thirty ladder stands are in place and ready for use.

Turkey: Meadow Creek’s population of wild turkeys will rival any place in the southeast. The upland habitat provides excellent nesting conditions and the brood rearing success is particularly high. These uplands are intertwined with hardwood creek bottoms making for some of the most desirable habitat mix that turkeys seek during their spring rituals. As with the deer, lots of food plots and green fields are managed to support the turkey populations and hunting. An owner can expect to hear several birds gobbling each spring morning and to have lots of room and locations to chase these challenging birds.

Quail: Meadow Creek boasts a really unusual quail hunting experience. While not wild birds, the quail hunting at Meadow Creek is wild bird-esque. You hunt for these birds and when the dog goes on point, you are awarded with strong flying covey rises. The owner and property manager have worked relentlessly over the last twenty years to fine-tune this release program and it is truly a sight to behold. Lots of factors contribute to this final product, but a major component is the fact that much of the landscape has been managed to promote upland habitat since the 1960s. The habitat is just perfect to support a quality quail program, which takes years to establish. A very good kennel of well-breed and trained pointing dogs is in place as well. To understand it, you need to come and see it.

Dove: While not currently being planted, there have been productive dove fields on the property in the past and there are plenty of opportunities to expand and grow this component.

Fishing: A centerpiece of the property is the 65± acre lake. In today’s world, permitting to construct a lake of this stature would be extremely difficult and most likely not attainable. Historically, the lake has been a fantastic fishery for largemouth bass and bream. Actively managed, this lake will provide an owner with a trophy fishery. At its deepest point, the lake is 25-feet deep and the dam is in excellent condition with a new syphoning system installed five years ago. Access to the lake is rather unique as the owner’s cabin hangs over the edge of the lake with two boat slips underneath.