Wildlife & Recreation

At Rosewood Avalon, it is important to know that the land is in excellent condition and very little “woods work,” if any, is needed for a new owner to begin recreating on the property immediately. The property has benefited tremendously from being owned by a man that is very committed to the betterment of his immense land holdings.  A beautiful and diverse property, Rosewood Avalon offers exceptional recreational hunting opportunities. When like-minded neighbors manage their land similarly, everyone benefits, and this property has great neighbors.  There are eight quail courses that wind over rolling hills of beautiful mature timber. All hunters know that transition areas, commonly referred to as “edge,” create habitat diversity and having “edge” will hold larger populations of wildlife on a property. The landscape composition at Rosewood Avalon is ideal and largely why the property is so wildlife rich and “gamey.” Mature hardwood bottoms meander through the property, but in a unique way that keeps large swathes of upland habitat intact, which is important for the propagation of wild quail. Along these hardwood edges, wildlife food plots are found throughout the property and are regularly the location of successful hunts that produce 140-150+ inch class bucks. Of all the 30,000 acres at Avalon, the land manager said Rosewood is one of the best spots for turkey.

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