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General Operations

General Operations

Agriculture has played a significant role on the farm over the past thirty years. Cattle continue to be at the center of this, with a focus on bred heifers and cattle genetics. The operation and management are highly regarded, and Linden’s bred heifers are sold up and down the East Coast to a carefully developed group of top buyers. Depending on the year and the size of the cattle herd, a portion of the pasture ground is sometimes used for hay production; however, there are years where the farm has produced enough forage to winter cattle without supplemental hay. 

In addition to cattle, the farm has two poultry houses where domestic hen turkeys are raised for premium fresh turkey markets in the East. The houses produce competitive flocks and generate meaningful net annual income. An added efficiency for the rest of the farm results from the reliable production of fertilizer as a by-product of the turkey operation.

The farm has earned a reputation for being at the forefront of best management practices and is an excellent example of how working lands can be effectively balanced with conservation goals. Linden has been recognized on several occasions for its conservation practices, in particular its successful development of projects on the property to demonstrate how to operate a cattle and poultry operation while generating cleaner waters to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

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