Elgin is located in Warren County six miles east of the historic town of Warrenton and 16 miles southeast of Norlina. Leaving Warrenton, the property is easily reached via Warrenton-Embro Road or through a back farm entrance off of Slick Williams Road, which runs along the property’s northern boundary.


A number of regional metropolitan areas are within reasonable driving distance from the property:


Durham, NC          60 miles

Raleigh, NC          60 miles

Chapel Hill, NC     75 miles

Richmond, VA      110 miles

Greensboro, NC   115 miles

Charlotte, NC       200 miles

Washington, DC   215 miles


Elgin is located just south of the Virginia border in the northeastern corner of the North Carolina piedmont region not far from the transition to the coastal plain. The area around Elgin is known for its gently rolling landscapes and rural agricultural communities. Less than 30 minutes to the north, Kerr Reservoir (also known as Buggs Island Lake) and Lake Gaston are popular summer destinations and provide over 70,000 acres of recreation, watersports, boating, and fishing.


Conveniently contrasting the rural area around Elgin is Raleigh, the North Carolina state capital and an easy 75-minute drive down US-401.  The college communities of Chapel Hill and Durham, which are home to the University of North Carolina and Duke University respectively, are about the same distance from the property and offer a wide range of cultural and sporting events.


Raleigh-Durham International Airport is the closest major airport and is a similarly easy 75-minute drive southwest of Elgin.  Henderson-Oxford Airport, a general aviation airport with a 5,000-foot runway suitable for private jets, is 40 minutes away.

Walls of Jericho

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Warrenton, NC


The region around Elgin enjoys a full, four-season climate. Summers are warm and humid with temperatures generally in the 80s and low 90s. Spring and fall months feature consistently enjoyable weather with temperatures in the 60s and 70s, while the winter months are      manageable and mild, with average high temperatures in the 50s and lows rarely dipping below 30 degrees. Average annual rainfall is 45 inches.  Snow is infrequent, with only six inches of annual snowfall.