Recreational Considerations

The recreational considerations of Cleremont are many, although significant opportunities exist to develop them further.  Currently there are miles of well-maintained trails that wind through the forested sections of the property and are perfect for horseback riding, hiking, running, mountain biking, or ATV use. Access throughout the remainder of the property is completed through a series of internal farm roads.


There is abundant wildlife on the farm and turkey, doves, deer, ducks, geese, grouse, black bear, bobcats, and fox are all present. The benefits of the stream buffer fencing extend well beyond the cattle and provide 130 acres of early successional and wooded travel corridors throughout the farm. Combined with the large timber tracts bookending the property, the natural habitat is extensive, varied and well connected, and its positive impacts are evident in the healthy and robust wildlife populations found at Cleremont.


Deer hunting on the farm is currently managed under QDMA guidelines, and recent years have seen a noticeable increase in the size of the bucks observed and harvested on the property, as well as improvements in the overall health of the farm’s deer population. Opportunities also exist for the wing shooter, and the topography of the property would lend itself well to an owner looking to develop dove, upland, and/or waterfowl habitat.


Currently equestrian activities are not a focus on the farm, however, that could be easily changed by reallocating a portion of the pastureland to paddocks and horse infrastructure. The incredible concentration of horse properties and stables in the area mean that access to industry-best resources for developing and maintaining equestrian properties is unrivaled. And for the foxhunter there is no better home than Cleremont. The farm lies within the Piedmont Hunt, which rides out from the property twice a year, and currently maintains the trail network through the woods on the Bellefields Farm.