Wildlife Resources

Braewood offers a variety of recreational hunting opportunities, but most notably is the chance to own very productive wild quail land. This is the epicenter for an area known for its wild bobwhite quail populations and potential. Hundreds of thousands of neighboring acres are managed to promote quail and this collaboration has an intrinsic value that cannot be found elsewhere.

Worth noting, the highest ever documented density of bobwhites occurred on neighboring Sunny Hill Plantation in 2002 at a recorded 6 quail per acre in a standard 30-acre survey grid. These numbers aren’t typical, but it clearly shows the caliber of ground in this area. Undeniably, this is one of the last strongholds for wild quail and Braewood offers a unique experience for upland bird hunters.

 The hardwood stands allow for a nice variety of game and an owner will enjoy quality turkey and deer hunting as well. Productive dove fields and duck impoundments could likely be developed.