Property Details


There are no structural improvements on Braewood, thus offering a clean canvas for one to build to suit. The property has a nice internal road system.

General Description

The eastern boundary of Braewood is Norias Road, a well-maintained dirt road lined with live oak trees. There are two entrances off Norias Road, with the predominate access being near the southern Wildwood property line. There is a skinny hardwood drain that runs north-to-south that distinguishes the eastern and western halves of the property. The eastern half largely consists of wiregrass stands due to a more sand-based soil. This wiregrass area is easy to maintain and only requires an occasional burning, and hunting in this type habitat is a pleasure! As you move to the western half, the soil type changes to primarily Orangeburg and you find great upland cover that is known for supporting strong quail populations with proper management. The south/southwest section of the property is where you find the majority of the hardwoods. This area offers great turkey and deer hunting opportunities. The property is approximately 73 percent upland piney woods and 27 percent hardwoods. Braewood has nice contour with a gradual rolling landscape. Braewood is bordered by Wildwood to the east and south, Sunny Hill to the west, and Beechwood to the north.


Deeded Acres: 364±

Total Acres: 364±


The annual property taxes for Braewood are approximately $1,268.