Recreational Considerations

B&H is a special property that offers a wide variety of recreational uses that engages all generations to explore and connect with the outdoors.


The farm is well suited for the equestrian, having all the infrastructure needed to accommodate horses. The miles of trails and roads provide the utmost for equestrian exploration. On a ride, one will enjoy beautiful vistas, game sightings and a landscape that will create lasting memories.


This trail system also provides for a number of other activities such as hiking, mountain biking, ATV-use and jogging. An extensive trail system is undeniably an asset when it comes to recreating.


B&H has an impressive amount of wildlife. Deer and turkey are abundant and successful trips to the woods are frequent. The property has the perfect balance of open land and hardwood forests that create the edge and habitat that attracts wildlife. Already in place are a number of very comfortable box blinds and ladder stands. There is a great location for a dove field and there is also an area in which a duck impoundment could potentially be developed. B&H’s location to Pigeon Mountain adds considerably to the quality of the hunting. Pigeon Mountain is a tremendous wildlife corridor and will remain this way in perpetuity. The wildlife that inhabit this state-owned land flock to the open spaces and well-managed food plots of B&H.


The property also boasts a number of water resources. Hogjowl Creek runs through the center of the property and is part of the headwaters to what ultimately becomes Chickamauga Creek. In addition, there are sections of a substantial spring that comes out of Pigeon Mountain creating some very neat wetlands, which could host a great trout fishery. Behind the lodge is a two-acre pond stocked with bass and bream, also offering great fishing opportunities.


In summary, B&H is a property that offers an owner the exclusive opportunity to have an abundant amount of outdoor recreation. It is a property that can be appreciated and enjoyed by family and friends. Many years of committed management by the current owners have resulted in creating this special and unique place.